Event Photography

Event photography is an important way to portray and remember any occasion. This includes weddings, engagement photos, charity events, birthdays, graduations, fitness competitions and many more. Capturing images of an event requires thought, creativity and a thorough understanding of what the client would like to see in the final images. I have been fortunate over the years to have been able to photograph a wide variety of events both indoors and outdoors. Every event has its own set of unique challenges for a photographer. I like to capture the key elements of an event and add candid "behind the scenes" type of photos. I also find that the set up of an event can create an opportunity to timeline the event and everything that goes into setting it up.  I utilize a variety of editing techniques to show an event in color, black and white or sepia depending on the look and feel you are interested in. You will see a few examples of photos from recent events below. I can provide you with more samples when we sit down to plan your event photography needs. I look forward to working with you.

Maple Festival - Chardon, OH

Bright colorful images of an event create great memories for everyone involved.

Maple Festival - Chardon, OH

Color and  sepia finish comparison.

 Bachfest 2014 mentor Ohio sand sculpture

Beachfest 2014 - Mentor, OH

Candid shots often tell more about the story of an event. A work in progress!

Louie Run - 2014

A classic black and white photo of an event can bring a story to life.

Louie Run - 2014

HDR color can really make an image pop with vibrant colors.

Louie Run - 2014

Candid photos of participants are great for adding some flavor to an event.

Fitness Competitions

World Class fitness competitions. There are live event photos and studio photo shoots in the Fitness Portfolio.

Charity Events

The Marilla Auto Show is a great charity organization who really know how to put on an event complete with celebrities.

Charity Event

Cleveland charity event Carnival of Sin at Edgewater Park Summer 2013.



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